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Image of the Month

Image Credit: NASA/APL/SwRI

The Heart of Pluto

        The International Astronomers Union (IAU) demoted Pluto in 2006 the same year NASA's New Horizons mission was launched to the now dwarf planet. Over 9 years later, New Horizon flew by Pluto on Tuesday, July 14. The spacecraft returned first-ever up-close images of this chilly world.
        The true-color image above reveals a dynamic Pluto. As you may see, Pluto still "hearts" us.
        The lighter, heart-shaped region towards the bottom of the image was nicknamed the "Heart" by mission scientists. However, these scientists recently gave it a new name, "Tombaugh Regio" in honor of Pluto discoverer Clyde Tombaugh. The name is not yet official. The IAU is responsible for naming planetary features as well as planets.
        This image is just one of many to come from New Horizons. Already, we see that Pluto is an active world with a young, uncratered surface.

Our Theater

Our Planetarium has forty-two, theater-style seats for a comfortable viewing experience. Its digital, star projector creates an immersive portal on our universe. With it, we can show you, your family or your students more than just the stars. We can travel to the planets, back in time and beneath the ocean's surface.

Located just 20 miles west of New Orleans, Louisiana on US 90, the Planetarium is attached to the West Regional branch of the St. Charles Parish Library at 105 Lakewood Dr. in Luling.

We proudly offer FREE public shows every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Call (985)785-8471 to schedule a private group showing or for current public showings.

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Doors open 15 minutes
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