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Log the minutes you spend reading in your Wandoo Reader account or on your Reading Tracker.

Win a prize after reading 180 minutes. You'll pick it up when we reopen. You'll also be entered into our grand prize drawing.

If you've kept track of your reading on the Reading Tracker, just bring that in when we reopen!

Earn virtual badges while we're home! Complete challenges to earn more badges!

Complete the Cabin Fever Reading Challenge by April 20. This date may be extended depending when we reopen!

Reading by yourself counts.

Reading to someone counts.

Having someone read to you counts (including audiobooks).

Books, magazines, comics, whatever--in print or online.

Even the back of your cereal box counts!

Don't forget about audiobooks!

Looking for something new to read? Give these a try:

Need a card to use one of these? Visit to sign up!

Watching storytime counts too! Check these out:

Email for help with any of these.

You probably have a Wandoo Reader account if you participated in last year's summer reading program. If so, enter your username and password and log in. If you can't remember your password, click the "I forgot my password" link.

If you've never participated before, click "Join here" to create an account.

Once you're logged in, enter the number of minutes read and click "Submit Log." Entering the book title is optional!

We've added some challenges to make it a little more fun, but they are not required.

Wandoo Reader also has a Family Management Portal, but it can be a little quirky. If you decide to use it and things aren't working, try refreshing the page. Wandoo Reader seems to work better when you use their main site and log in and out of individual accounts.

Email for help with your Wandoo Reader account.

Read 180 minutes before before April 20 (this date may be extended depending when we reopen), and you'll be able to get a special prize when the library reopens!

And you'll be entered into our grand prize drawing too!

There will be grand prizes for three age groups: 0-11, 12-17, and 18+.

They are not required and are just for fun!

Some of the challenges will ask you to read a certain type of book, like a comic. Others will ask you to try out some of our online services, like Hoopla or Flipster. And others will ask you to write up a little review of what you've read or submit a photo.

And if you send us a photo or book review we may use it online!

Grownups--you can sign up too!

And you should.

We're all in this together.

And if you have kids, they're more likely to read if you are too!

Thank you to our sponsor!

Thank you to the Friends of the St. Charles Library for your continued support of the St. Charles Parish Library! The Friends are providing the grand prizes for this Cabin Fever Reading Challenge.