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Millage Election - August 15, 2020

On Saturday, August 15, the St. Charles Parish Library will ask for a continuation of the current 4.53 mills in property tax, to be collected for the next 10 years to generate funds of the purpose of maintaining, operating, constructing, improving, and supporting the St. Charles Parish Libraries.

This is a continuation of the current rate. This is not a new tax.

The library has been funded since 1956 by a dedicated property tax. Property owners pay property tax, but no property taxes are paid by citizens with homes valued at $75,000 or less due to homestead exemption. For example, if a home is valued at $200,000 and is eligible for the homestead exemption, the owner would pay approximately $56 per year for the library millage.

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Library Value Calculator

Your tax dollars at work. What is your Library worth to you?

When you think of the ways that the library saves you money, you might only think about how much you're saving by checking out the latest bestsellers. While borrowing books, audiobooks, DVDs, eBooks, digital audiobooks, and streaming music and films does help you save money, there are other ways the library provides value to you.

For example, how much would you spend on those materials, classes, and other resources if you could not get them at the library for free? Try out our Library Value Calculator and see how much money we help you keep in your pocket each year!

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Value of Library Services


Library Service


This calculator and values have been adapted from the Tangipahoa Parish Library and Chelmsford Library.

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