You can enjoy unlimited access to the internet on your device anytime, anywhere when you check out a mobile hotspot!

  • Request a hotspot by placing one on hold using our online catalog or by calling the library.
  • Adult library cardholders who live, work, go to school, or own property in St. Charles Parish are eligible to borrow a hotspot.
  • Hotspots are checked out for fourteen days. They cannot be renewed.
  • Hotspots can be checked out at and returned to any St. Charles Parish Library location.
  • Return the hotspot to a library staff member at the circulation desk. Do not put it in the book drop.
  • Up to 10 devices can be connected to one hotspot.
  • Keep the hotspot in a temperature-controlled environment. Do not leave it in a car or in direct sunlight. Please protect it from liquids.
  • The borrower is responsible for all costs associated with the loss or damage of the hotspot, which can be up to $100.
  • You need a library card and a PIN to request items through our online catalog. Do you need a PIN? Call the library or email us at